Why Filipino?

Utang na Loob – is a Filipino word that does not have a direct English translation. It roughly means “authentic loyalty”. It describes a sense of indebtedness and gratefulness that goes way beyond the western notion of ‘owing someone a favor’.

Filipino people respect your investment and trust in them. Their retention rate is high.

English Fluency
English is widely spoken throughout the Philippines, and most subjects in high schools are taught in English. This is unique to many other non-English speaking countries.

Cirrus use a selection of online English assessments to ensure candidates have great communication skills.

Unrivalled Work Ethic
Filipinos are known to be the some of the best workers around the world. They are often responsible for their family back home.

This responsibility directly reflects in the dedication they have for their new-found employer, and this life-changing opportunity.

Why Cirrus?


Recruiting from the Philippines is governed by the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). This government organisation is designed to protect the welfare of overseas Filipino workers.

Each business is required to be accredited by the POEA. This process requires professional help. Without the correct compliance, you risk your workers being delayed, and in some cases, not allowed to leave the country at all.

Understanding this process can be challenging, as accreditation and compliance is different in every country. Cirrus Global has experience in deploying thousands of workers to a variety of countries across the globe.

Our Process

POEA accreditation – The Philippines has mandatory legal requirements regarding employment. Your business must be registered with Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to be able to commence a recruitment program.

Pre-screen talent – Video profiling and recommendations for specific categories.

International English standard assessment.

Talent short list – Skills are assessed by our in-house team for review and shortlisting.

Online Portal – Your personalized online portal holds the talent shortlist. Details can be viewed, shared and your feedback posted for our recruitment team.

Final selection – Completed online, or on location in Manila.

Visa application – Document collection.

Pre-deployment Orientation Seminar (PDOS) – Post visa approval, our team prepares candidates for their destination country and their new working environment.

Lifetime Relationships – Cirrus cares and we continue to engage in a relationship with each deployed candidate for the duration of their placement and beyond. We have a dedicated Lifetime Relationship team and a programme that ensures no one falls through the cracks.  

Candidate Selection

Selecting the right candidate is key to any successful recruitment program. We have access to the Philippines top talent. Cirrus Global has developed a strong local following and known for offering top work placements around the world. We have over 70,000 Facebook followers, plus YouTube channels and more.

Each client is supplied with their own dedicated Client Service Representative who will keep you up to date with your selected talent progress right through to departure. You will remain in constant contact with our team that deliver on-time results.

Lifetime Relationships

Cirrus continues to remain in contact with all our candidates well after they arrive in their new country. We support this life-changing experience and make sure each employee knows that we are there any time they need.

Our program ensures each candidate settles in well, both to their place of work and their accommodation. We provide the candidates with a contact at Cirrus to share their experience and any challenges they may have. It can take some time for a worker to settle into their new routine and our team are a call away.